Character Creation

Getting Started
Initially starting characters will be 7th level. Stats will be generated using a 30 point buy system. Additionally I will be using a house rule system where every even level there is a attribute increase. The attribute purchases must alternate between physical and mental, so if at 2nd level a point was put into Str, Dex, or Con then at 4th level the point can only be put into Int, Wis, or Cha. As this is a very generous attribute system I will discourage “dumping stats” unless there is a good role-playing reason. I am not setting up any specific rule around dump stats yet.

We will be using Character Wealth by Level (CWL) published in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Just about any item from the official Pathfinder books will be allowed for purchase with the limitation that the CL of the item not be greater than +2 of your character’s level. There are exceptions, such as rings, wands, rods and staves that have a high level due to feats required. These items may be purchased if the cost is around 11,000 GP (read: talk to me if it is over).

Preferred Classes
These classes will receive an additional 50% CWL:
Trapfinding class, such as Rogue
Hellknight (Prestige Class from Paizo)

These class(es) will receive an additional 100% CWL (overlapping not stacking)
Cleric (based on healing need)
Any class that could main heal (GM approval for additional CWL)

There are no preferred races, although I personally can think of several that would be perfect for a setting involving demons and the undead. This is very much a fringe campaign, which opens the doors to all sorts of races. At this point all races, including Featured and Uncommon (ARG), are allowed. Beyond that I am willing to entertain the idea of some very unusual races, such as monsters, undead and animals — we will just have to work out the details and balance it out with the rest of the player characters.

Alignments: Evil alignments, especially CE, will require GM approval/convincing. There are enough external dangers in this campaign, I do not want inner party conflict or PVP. The group’s background is that they have all worked together on previous missions and have been hand selected because they work well together. They also appear to be willing to go into danger for fun and profit.

A note about gear: the PCs will have some advance warning that the area has lethal dust storms. Exposure can cause blindness, suffocation and death. With this advance warning, I am recommending that you use some of your starting wealth to purchase gear that could be used to survive intense dust storm environmental conditions.

Character Creation

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