House Rules

Attribute Advancement
At every even level there is a attribute increase. The attribute purchases must alternate between physical and mental, so if at 2nd level a point was put into Str, Dex, or Con then at 4th level the point can only be put into Int, Wis, or Cha.

Feats and abilities, such as Step Up, that state adjacent foe or square are useable with reach. In other words if the foe is leaving a threatened square that is not adjacent the character can still use the feat if employing a reach weapon or using reach do to size (or any other use of reach). This does not include threat with ranged weapons that is achievable through various feats.

Grappled characters may not threaten, use attacks of opportunity or be counted on for flanking bonuses.

Potions and Cure spells always do at least 50% of the maximum on die rolls. Casting Cure Light Wounds by a first level caster will heal at least 5 hit points of damage, four for the die +1 for caster level. This rule does not extend to wands or use of Channel class feature.

Unless specifically stated otherwise in a creature’s description, any creature that is immune to precision damage (sneak) is also immune to critical damage. The opposite is also true.

House Rules

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